The Promise.

When the subject is relationship with Jesus the best resource is God's Word.  When the subject is relationship with horses the best resource is still God's Word. The 3 books of the Amazing Grays Trilogy link God's Word and the barn using terms and illustrations horse folks will immediately recognize. Every issue people face is addressed in the Bible. Every issue people face with horses is referenced in these books because they stand on the SIMPLE foundation of timeless gospel principles. 

by Lynn Baber, Christian Author / World and National Champion Breeder-Trainer 

The Promise is true.

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Gospel Horse


Claim the Promise for yourself.

Explore limitless relationship with Jesus Christ - and your horse.

Success is found in the simple gospel message of Jesus Christ. World and National Champion breeder and trainer, Christian author Lynn Baber connects the horse barn with God's Word. She shares simple principles for creating transformative relationship between you and your horse producing faith strong enough to banish fear.